Ceramics, Sauces, Hand-painted Signs and Wine Lables


Bakgat means “All that is Good or Lekker “

We at Bakgat are a small group of dedicated potters manufacturing a selection of ranges of practical pottery. Situated in the little village of Tesselaarsdal in the Western Cape of South Africa on a piece of land where we process our own clay and grow many of the ingredients for our sauces.

All our pots are flame fired to Stoneware. The sauces are produced in our kitchen with the best herbs and spices we can find if we can not grow them ourselves.

The sauces are made from recipes we have been using for the last thirty years. Twelve years ago we launched the Bakgat Sauce range and now we sell to farm stalls and delis all over South Africa.

The range has grown from the original three with new products coming on line as we find them such as the Fynbos Honey from the farmer over the hill or our new Cajun Seasoning.